FOR SALE!!!Salad Master Rice Cooker Cookware(Brand new w/ box) 
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FOR SALE!!!Salad Master Rice Cooker Cookware(Brand new w/ box)


Description: 1.) Saladmaster offers a multi-purpose, electric, 5-quart roaster that helps us cook without using the stove at all. 2.) The food will come out perfectly cooked because the heat conduction system is one of the best available for cookware. The Multi-Purpose 5-quart roaster, called MP5 for short, is the perfect help in the kitchen for simmering stews, coups, ribs, sauces and barbeque. These dishes normally need time to release those great flavors we have come to love, 3.) and the electric roaster works like a crock-pot in keeping food warm and cooking for just the appropriate amount of time. Other quick dishes, such as vegetables, dips and hot drinks are often made in the MP5. 4.)Another great feature of the roaster is the easy cleanup. One of the most commonly made side dishes that we love is rice. Age-old debates exist about the right way to cook regular rice and brown rice, but the MP5 makes that simple. Whether you are cooking white or brown white in your Saladmaster MP5, follow the instructions below to make a perfect batch of rice. Price:12,000 Contact # 09265117022



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Price: ₱12,000
Sulit ID: 72944

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Seller Location: Upper Q.M Everlasting Baguio City

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