Would you Pay for the Missing Back Button on the iPhone 6? Well, it’s here..

Have we come to a point in mobile history that the phone is just too big for the normal sized hand? The iPhone with all its technological advances doesn’t even have a back button, so this means you will have to reach all the way up there on the top left just to get back to the previous screen… who knows what injuries lie ahead! 😉

nano coating

A new Kickstarter project by Halo Back seeks to make life easier and solve this mind boggling question as to why the back button is missing… They have made glass screen protector with a separate capacitive channel that links the bottom of the glass to the top and tapping this area translates to tapping the top left arrow back button on the iPhone (also used by many other Apps). Simple but Genius and will probably save you from future stress related problems on your fingers travelling some screen real estate. 🙂

Halo Back on KickStarter: http://kck.st/1bMIvg9

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