What Does “Sulit” Mean? :)

What does sulit mean to you?

Generally Sulit means “worth it” or “good deal”,  something worth the effort or money you pay for ..  saying sulit doesnt mean it is cheap, it means it has value and the value you perceive to receive is more than what you pay for.

What does it mean in English? Here are some phrases that will give you a better insight as to what people are saying when they use the term sulit in the conversation.

ex. Sulit na sulit – Well worth it..  rewards was more than perceived value.

Walang kasing sulit – Nothing like (worth) it. 

Sulit ang Palabas – The show was worth it.

Sulit Meals – meals that are worth more than offering.

Hindi sulit – Not worth it, not worth the trouble.

Sulit Ito – This is a good deal, worth it.

Sulit Dito – Its worth it to stay here. (can be used for hotel, resto or specific location)

Sulit ba? – Is it worth it? Is it a good deal?

Sulit ang shopping – your shopping was worth every centavo.

Sulit na lakad – The trip was worth it.

Sulit and gastos – The expense was worth it.

Sulit ang Byahe – The Travel was worth it.

Sulit and pamasahe – The fare was worth it.

Sulit and Saya – It was so enjoyable.

Sulit ang pagkain – satisfaction for food was well worth it.

Does Sulit have the same meaning as Tipid? No Tipid means 

  • to use economically, to be thrifty. Magtipid tayo. Let’s spend our money carefully.

But Sulit can mean Tipid because you get more than what you paid for. 🙂   (sulit kaya nakatipid) 🙂

Here are some examples of sulit used in business to show value. Sulit is here to stay and is what people look for in their everyday search to find good deals. Check the site and find that deal that is worth it for you! http://sulit.ph

sulit meaning in english

jolibee sulit sar

pfizer sulit card

hukad sulit meals



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