WATCH: Chilling Social Experiment on the Dangers of Social Media

Dangers of Social Media

In the United States alone, there are 750,ooo registered child predators whose various acts of crime have left parents in a frantic search for their kids, hoping they find them (hopefully) alive and safe.

One of the ways these child predators lure kids out of their homes is by social media. Social media has been a great tool to connect us to our friends, family, and old acquaintances. In some cases, however, social media paves the way for the bad guys to connect to our loved ones -our children ,our sisters, our friends – to take them in, rape them, hurt them, and more.

Dangers of Social Media

In this social experiment by Coby Persin, he created a FAKE Facebook profile to befriend underage girls. He asks them to meet him when their parents are not around and they all agreed to do so. Check out how this social experiment pans out in the video below.

Share this video to everyone you know to help raise awareness on the dangers of social media, especially for the younger ones. Keep safe, everyone!


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