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Batman Vs Superman
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Marvel has got to watch its back as DC is coming on strong and impressing everyone with its Comic-con trailer for the Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Scheduled for a March 2016 release, fans have already made a deep reading into the character based on the trailer (and some basing it on the comics) –

Batman Vs Superman Comment

“I don’t think neither Superman or Batman are the villain [in] this movie. I just think each has his own interpretation on the other as being no good. In Supes’ eyes, Batman is a vigilante, that takes matters into his own hands. He thinks that’s wrong. And Batman thinks Supes is just not good for mankind, because he could so easily wipe out the human race. Pkus he was extremely careless when fighting Zod, hence all the destruction and lives most likely lost. If anything, Lex is the villain. Probably manipulating them both… That’s my take.” – Facebook user John Zuk.

Batman Vs Superman Comment

“My reaction to the Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer: Best Trailer of the year!!! We get a much better idea of what this film is and where it’s going. Martha Kent and Alfred will be the voice of reason. Who has Zod’s body, Lex or Bruce? How did Lex find the Kryptonite? Who or what is Wonder Woman fighting? Who [wrote] that note on the newspaper that Bruce got about Wayne Tower being destroyed? Was it the Joker who sent it or someone else? Clearly the Joker makes his presence known in the trailer with the Batsuit and possibly that note. We got Superman’s army. The flashback with Bruce being there on Black Zero and witnessing the power of Superman and Zod. More flashbacks with Bruce witnessing his parents’ murder and funeral. We didn’t see Aquaman or Cyborg which is a good thing. B/c clearly this is a Justice League prequel with all the character that appear in this movie. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the DCCU. To see the best 2 Superheroes of all time battle it out is worth the wait. I didn’t see Gal Gadot at all in this trailer, I saw Wonder Woman. I am still not completely sold on Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor but now I am intrigued to learn more about this version of he character. I hope he delivers b/c he is [still] the wild card here. My expectations went from 5 to 9 with this trailer. I wish the entire cast and crew the best of luck with this film. March 25, 2016 history will be made.” – Facebook user Ryan Permison

If you’re at all excited to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, watch the Comic-Con trailer here:

Batman is played by Ben Affleck, Superman is played by Henry Cavill, Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot, Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg, Alfred J. Pennyworth played by Jeremy Irons, Lois Lane by Amy Adams, Martha Kent by Diane Lane, and Aquaman and Cyborg is played by Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher respectively. IMDB lists the release date for Philippines as 26 March 2016, a day after its USA premier.

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