Starving For Art Bazaar

STARVING FOR ART| Nov 28, 2015 5PM-12MN

It’s that time of the month again! DITO’s monthly art bazaar con vaudeville is opening it’s arms to you, you, and you! Come one, and all. Entrance is Free! We are all starving, and we demand to be fed.

BAZAAR opens at 5PM

PERFORMANCES start at 7.30PM
List of Acts in Chronological Order
1. Tiemponado (Music)
2. Arielle Ison (Spolen Word)
3. Roseball Toledo (Spoken Word)
4. Lahing Kayumanggi Student Division (Dance)
5. Ian Sudiacal (Spoken Word)
6. XDV 4th World Joseph James Villena Salvador (Music)
6. Machi Sagana and Franceska Mungcal (Spoken Word)
7. Ian Baluca (Film + Music)
8. Transfuse (Spoken Word + Dance)
9. Paolo Dumlao (Spoken Word)
10. Lahing Kayumangi (Dance)

You can apply as a seller of arts and crafts merchandise by contacting me here:
Then come up on stage and perform by messaging us here:

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