Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

There’s a rule among social media marketers about promoting their brand’s products on social media networks: 80% human interest content, 20% product marketing. So let’s say your business has just launched product X. When people visit your Facebook pages or Twitter profiles, a day would be composed of 4-8 posts of relevant content sourced from your blog or other news websites and 1-2 posts about the product itself. This strategy works but only, of course, when paired with the following key principles:

Communicate your business.
Let your brand shine. More than the products and services you offer, show your followers how your company aligns its values with the posts you share. Focus on what makes your brand unique. Share relevant news and information about your products and how it stands in competition with others.


Invest in images.
Make it part of your social media strategy to include images that depict your business and your products/services in a different way. Images are something that your followers can easily share and react to. Plus, with the short attention spans of online users and the character limits of Twitter, photos are your best bet in showing without telling.


Track the chatter and respond appropriately.
Monitor the buzz surrounding your products and services. Listen to what people are saying about your brand and the industry your business is in. If for example, people are talking about how pricey the products are, consider running a promotion or a discount or even raffling off said product. You can also post about the value of said product so your customers know what they’re getting with it.

There’s no one way to achieve social media success. It’s a tough selling place but with the right strategy and a well-informed team, you can leverage from that and garner an engaged audience who would be doing the marketing for you.

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