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KALINGA: A Fund-Raising Bazaar 2018

KALINGA: A Fund-Raising Bazaar 2018 This Project is for the Benefit of our Future Social Advocacy Projects   What: KALINGA: A Fund-Raising Bazaar 2018 When: March 5-9,2018 Where: UP AyalaLand-Technohub Contact Information:  Christina Talosig at (0927) 958 6991  Yanna Narvaez at (0928) 817 0542...

Paraluman: A Lifestyle Bazaar

Paraluman: A Lifestyle Bazaar Find your love this February @ A Lifestyle Bazaar     What: Paraluman: A Lifestyle Bazaar When: February 5-9,2018 Where:  UP-Ayala TechnoHub   Contact Information: John Lobo (0917 821 2246)  Kevin Lobo (0917 829 3459) @Paraluman2018 (Facebook) (Mail)  ...