8 Labor Day Weekend Beaches That Isn’t Boracay

Vacations are supposed to be a relaxing experience where you’re surrounded with family or friends and nothing else to do but lounge on the beach, preferably with a ripe mango shake in one hand. Chill, pare. If you’re going to Boracay though, you better be prepared for 24-hour music, non-stop...
Black Rice Ice Cream

MUST-TRY: Papa Diddi’s Homemade Ice Cream in Maginhawa

Photo via The summer heat doesn’t seem to be letting up soon and with no grey clouds over the distant horizon, we subsidize on cold food and drinks in an effort to beat the heat. Enter Papa Diddi’s ice cream company. Nestled in the busy Maginhawa street, Papa Diddi’s...
Beat Summer Heat

16 Surefire Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

ANG INIT!!!! Not enough exclamation points can stress out the stress that comes with this scorching hot summer sun. Welcome to the Philippines’ sweat weather. It’s hot when you go out of the house. It’s hot when you stay at home. It’s hot even when you’ve got three fans in...
Contribute to Sulit.PH

Contribute to Sulit.PH!

Sulit.PH is looking for regular contributors who can provide an engaging perspective on the various topics we have on site – from business and career tips to productivity hacks, health and lifestyle news, trending topics, events, and more. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, small business owner, traveler,...