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Should You Keep Your Company Small?

Big office, fun amenities, the latest gadgets, unlimited coffee - there are so many perks when working for a big company (not to mention, of course, the bigger pay, even more clients, etc.). This is also partly the reason why some entrepreneur's definition of success is based solely on how big...
Common Characteristics

6 Common Characteristics of Successful Small Business Owners

  All businesses are hard work. More so for small business who have employees of 500 and below. While there is no "one size fits all" theory when it comes to small business success, studies have shown that the success of a business can be accounted to these common characteristics...
Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

There’s a rule among social media marketers about promoting their brand’s products on social media networks: 80% human interest content, 20% product marketing. So let’s say your business has just launched product X. When people visit your Facebook pages or Twitter profiles, a day would be composed of 4-8 posts of...
Buying Local

Buying Local: Why We Think It’s Awesome

More often than not, when we shop, we spend our time unconsciously picking out one item after another. We convince ourselves that these items we pile on our carts are indeed “Must Haves for the Season” or “I already have one at home but I need to replace it, really”...