Henry Ward Beecher

6 Motivational Quotes for Monday Workday

It's the start of another week and to help you cope with the stress that a Monday workday brings, here are 6 motivational quotes to help you keep going. Happy Monday! "The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." Henry Ward Beecher "Don't...
How to Take Productive Breaks

13 Ways to Take a Productive Break

Busy? Of course we all are. You’re either running late to work or juggling your meeting schedule or sorting out your mailbox or preparing the kid’s baon or planning this week’s palengke shopping or replying to tweets, commenting on people’s status…the list goes on. What’s worse is that sometimes, we...
8 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

8 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

Mornings are not for everyone. Especially not for that Pinoy commuter who lives an hour away from work but needs to wake up at least 4 hours before just to get to the office on time. Getting up early just so you won’t be late for your regular 8-hour shift...