10 Motivational Pet GIFs to Get You Through This Week

via The start of the week is always hard. Who has enough energy to get through Monday unscathed? Well these pet GIFs will show you what you can do to help ease the pain of waiting another 5 days for the glorious weekend. Teamwork works   Give someone a...
Commute Home Music

5 Spotify Playlists for Your Monday Commute Home

Getting ready to head home? Did this Monday drag your high hopes up? Don't fret. We've listed down some of the best travel playlist from Spotify to help accompany you on your way home. Beat Monday end day traffic with these tunes: Commute sa Gabi Traffic Jam Blues
Happy Songs

10 Songs to Get You Pumped Up for a Rainy Monday Workday

It's another dreaded Monday. Congratulations for making it past lunch, resisting the urge to go home to the comfy confines of your warm bed. But because you've just had lunch, chances are that sleepy feeling is gonna crawl right back as you time in after lunch. So make sure to...
Henry Ward Beecher

6 Motivational Quotes for Monday Workday

It's the start of another week and to help you cope with the stress that a Monday workday brings, here are 6 motivational quotes to help you keep going. Happy Monday! "The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." Henry Ward Beecher "Don't...