Huawei Service Centers – Authorized Repair and Service Philippines

Got Huawei Problems? here is the complete list of authorized repair and service centers in the Philippines.  Get your phones, modems tablets, routers, mobile routers and other Huawei products repaired authorized service centers. Huawei in Luzon Huawei Repair in Makati COLLECTION POINT - WSI PHONECARE CENTER MAKATI G/F WSI TECHNICAL...
Commute Home Music

5 Spotify Playlists for Your Monday Commute Home

Getting ready to head home? Did this Monday drag your high hopes up? Don't fret. We've listed down some of the best travel playlist from Spotify to help accompany you on your way home. Beat Monday end day traffic with these tunes: Commute sa Gabi Traffic Jam Blues
Beat Summer Heat

16 Surefire Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

ANG INIT!!!! Not enough exclamation points can stress out the stress that comes with this scorching hot summer sun. Welcome to the Philippines’ sweat weather. It’s hot when you go out of the house. It’s hot when you stay at home. It’s hot even when you’ve got three fans in...
Antipolo Cathedral

Visita Iglesia: 30 Churches In and Around the Metro

  It's 2017 and this Visita Iglesia story is as relevant as any! Find the Churches around the metro and plan your trip wisely. Maundy Thursday – a local Lenten tradition is the Seven Churches Visitation or Visita Iglesia (Spanish term for “to visit churches”). Traditionally, people of faith pray...