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WATCH: What Really Matters at the End of Life?

It's payday. You're looking to bust out card and head off to the mall to shop for new clothes or to the nearest posh restaurant to have dinner and drinks with friends or maybe transferring a percentage of your pay to a savings account via your bank's mobile app. It...

5 Inspiring Stories to Give You Hope #WishfulWednesday

Earlier today, news broke out about the Philippine Eagle Pamana getting shot dead. Pamana is a rehabilitated Philippine eagle and was just released into the wild June 12 of this year. The Philippine Egale Foundation (PEF) who found Pamana's remains stated that its body had a 533 puncture wound and...
Elbert Hubbard

7 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through Work Today

Just got done with lunch hour? Or was it a lunch meeting? Do you feel full? Do you feel tired? Lift your work spirits up and improve your attitude before tackling on the next set of work files. Here are 7 inspiring quotes about hard work to help you power...
William B. Sprague

15 Quotes to Get You through a Rough Business Day

“Always be closing” is not enough anymore. These days, it’s more important to keep track of how engaged a customer is to your business brand versus the quantity of sales pitches your employees make. It’s not easy, we get that. So we’ve rounded up 10 quotes for business owners and...