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Shoot to Sell: Tips on Taking Better Product Photos

Generally, Pinoys like to look before they buy. It’s a trait that’s innate in us – being sigurado. And it’s definitely not a bad thing, considering we all just want to make sure that whatever we’re purchasing on just about any buy and sell marketplace is truly sulit of our...
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How to Create an Effective Online Ad

You have a product (or a service) that you want to put up an ad for in a buy and sell online marketplace. You take photos of it from every angle possible, figure out how much you’re willing to get paid for it, pepper your advert with SALE, BUY NOW,...
Shoelace Lock

WATCH: THIS is What that Extra Shoelace Hole is For

Ever wondered why there's an extra shoelace hole in your running shoes? It's not properly aligned to the other holes, it's not even designed in the same color scheme sometimes, and it just doesn't make any sense to use those extra shoelace holes to tie your shoes, right? Well, there's...