Evolution of Desk

WATCH: The Evolution of the Desk

How has your desk changed over the years? With the unending slew of apps and productivity software, the need for even more tangible work supplies such as cork boards, notebooks, fax machines, etc. has slowly diminished. In this fascinating video produced by Best Reviews, created by a team at the...
Google Logo

WATCH: Google, Evolved

In its 17th year, tech giant Google unveils its new logo. Just a month after restructuring the company under a holding company under Alphabet, Google introduces their biggest redesign since 1999 with the new sans-serif four-colored logo: The past years have seen Google's logo go though a lot of different changes -...
Pacman on Google Maps

We Can’t Stop Playing PAC-MAN in Google Maps!

Not an April Fool's joke! Well, yes it is...kind of. Every year, Google comes up with crazy fun ways to enjoy their apps.  Last year we went gaga over the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge and Google Ads' AdBirds. The year before that, they gave us Google Nose Beta and Gmail Blue....