Jobs for Travellers

7 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Do you love to travel? While some people don't care for anything more than the occasional long weekend out-of-town trips, others bitten by the travel bug count the days until they can leave the comforts of their work desks and discover another magical faraway place - Myanmar? Maldive Islands? Greece? If...
Email Sign Off

Email Sign Offs You Should Use at Work

Email is the language of business. To be taken seriously at work, one needs to be professional and respectable when communicating via email. It's hard to find the balance between saying too little or sharing too much and so we take a look today at email sign offs and how...
Pursue your Passion

Pursue Your Passion without Going Broke or Insane

Find your passion and pursue it. Sounds like a dream, no? That’s a line that’s been thrown around by so many business advice blogs and even career coaches during their speeches or seminars and workshops. The premise is basically this: Find something you absolutely love doing, no matter how little...
Freelance Writing

Top Tips to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

The ability to craft words into marketing perfection is one of the most wanted skills in today’s digital age. With the number of websites that fill up the internet, and with Google looking into the quality of each website’s content, writing for the web has evolved into something that only...
How to Start a Successful Freelancing Career
How To

How to Start a Successful Freelancing Career

As of last year, close to a million Pinoys have been doing freelance work. Be it at home or at coffee shops or at co-working spaces, the freelancing industry has boomed in the Philippines. Just a few clicks on oDesk or Elance and you’ll see a lot of online job...