School Smart: 6 Tips for Parents for Smoother School Day Mornings

School Smart Tips for Parents

The school season has officially started. The past weekend saw throngs of parents and kids filling up National Bookstore branches all over the country, grabbing notebooks, pens, folders, etc. The first day of school is as exciting and nerve-racking for moms and dads as it is for the kids themselves. So we’ve listed down 6 tips to help you reduce stress and save time during hectic school mornings:

  1. Start your day the night before. Make sure to prepare everything you and your kid/s need for the next day. Take their uniforms out of the closet and arrange them on the dresser or on a chair beside their bed. Teach your kids to check that everything they need for school is in their school bags to make sure they don’t forget anything. Search for easy baon recipes you can make the night before so you can already prepare the snacks and breakfast for them as well.
  1. Wake up earlier. Adjust your sleeping schedule and try to wake up earlier than usual. Doing this helps to relieve that having to rush feel during mornings. Plus, even an extra 15 minute quality time with your kid/s during breakfast can help you gauge how s/he is doing in school, if they made new friends, if they’re having some difficulties, etc.
  1. Follow the school’s rules. If they set up a pick-up or drop-off point for students, make sure that’s the farthest you go when sending your kids to school unless of course, you’ve arranged a meeting with their teachers beforehand. Also, read the student handbook to keep yourself updated of things students are not allowed to bring (like mobile phones, tablets, etc.), and what organizations or activities they have lined up for the year.
  1. After school, allow your kid/s some downtime. Let your kid/s unwind after a day of learning and give them time to relax before delving into their homework or projects.
  1. Dinner time = Family time. No matter how busy your work life can be, always make time for family. Talk to your kids, ask them about their day, how are they taking the school work load, etc.
  1. Focus on your child. Whether this is their first time to go to school or they’re wandering off to fifth grade or even high school, make sure to give your child undivided attention. Do not dismiss them off when you take work home from the office. Always remember that your child matter more than any work you have.

It’s not always easy to get back to the daily school morning routine but bit by bit you and your kid can get the right groove. Make learning sulit by watching out for our #SmartSchool tips!

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