Letting Pre-loved Items Go


Pinoys love collecting stuff. We’ve inherited the pre-loved  culture of our parents and grandparents. As long as it still works (never mind that we don’t actually have any use for them anymore), we keep it. Be it those ref magnet souvenirs given to us as gifts by friends who’ve been to places we’ve never been to or those takeout microwaveable plastic wares we stack at home and use to reheat leftovers, we just can’t let go of a lot of stuff. There are tons of knickknacks everywhere: clothes that haven’t been used in over 6 months, watches that have been broken for over a year (and forgotten because we’ve already bought maybe 2 or 3 other pieces which has long since been forgotten in one of our sock drawers), old cellphones, only twice-worn shoes, jewelry from ex-lovers, old bed frames…the list goes on.

If one of your resolutions for the year is to be more organized – at home, in work, with your life, why not follow it up with the first step in truly achieving order: get rid of the clutter.

Take control of your life and turn those piles of unread books, old clothes, out dated gadgets, and more into cash. All that stuff lying around your home can be your second source of income this year. Clear your space and add more ka-ching into your piggy banks and savings accounts. In today’s digital age, websites are popping up one after the other, offering pre-loved things and secondhand items for everyone online. Plus, it’s really simple: you just pick out the items you don’t need any more, take really good pictures of them, and post it online.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and there’s clearly minimal effort required. Moving to new place? Post your house online. Getting a new car? Sell the old one online. Get bidders, talk to buyers, and close the deal. And you wanna know how to make it sulit?

Go to Sulit.ph, a local online marketplace that’s simple, easy, and free. Sulit.ph is an online marketplace powered 100% entirely by Pinoys. With visitors from all over the Philippines, you’ll be sure that your pre-loved items won’t get lost in translation. So sign up now and check it out! Sell, shop, save. Sulit!

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