How to Post on Sulit

This is a long overdue post! How to Sell on Sulit?

Take a look at the screencaps below to show you how to start your account.

1. To post on Sulit, you need to REGISTER. There are 2 ways to register on sulit, 1st option is to click on REGISTER or LOGIN with Facebook (faster and easier to do, just 1 click)



2. If you already registered on Facebook, proceed to next step. If you clicked on Register on Sulit you will have to fill up the form below, with your contact details, account type (individual or business) set your preferred Address, Region, Email and Don’t forget to click on the repatcha Test (prove you are not a spammer).





3. Choose a unique USERNAME and PASSWORD, then you will have to read and accept our Sulit Terms of Service. CLICK ON SUBMIT.



4. After Registering, you will be taken to your Account Page, see the photo below to see how it looks like. This is the page where you can manage all your ads, post, edit, delete or update your ads.




5. On left side of control Panel, you have the my account features, you can check active, expired, share or check your storefront control panel.

user control pane;



6.  When listing a Item, you will need to properly categorize the item so it will make it easier for people to find and search the item.



7. After Setting the proper category of your post, Proceed to listing details, you will be asked for your preferred duration for the Ad placement. You will have a choice to place an Ad for at least 3 months (personal listings mostly) and 1 year (business ads).

Title Tip: Make sure the title is clear and simple, not too long and straight to the point.

Description Tip: Describe the item as best as you can without out adding too much hulabaloo.. we mean business so we want you do to the same, It’s our marketplace and lets make it a great place to buy and sell goods! More business is good Business!

No linking on description portion, we reserve  the right to delete links (especially spam links)


ad duration


8.  We Encourage you to be as clear as possible with your details on the Ad (manage expectations) so people will know what they are buying.  Another feature we have on sulit is we give you the ability to choose payment options you are open to with your possible online buyers.

Choice of OFF-SITE Payment, Pay with the following providers and payment options.

Smart Money, Cash, WeePay, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Juan Pay, Check, Dragon Pay, Peso Pay, Money Order, GCash, Pay Easy, Paypal. 

Remember Option for payment is between buyer and seller, we just provide a venue for both buyer and seller to connect. 



9. Additional Information that is needed to complete your Ad Post, you will need to state condition of Item you are selling ,is it  brand new or is it used, preowned or preloved.

In this section, you will have option to map out your location, and more importantly to make your ads more effective, you will be asked to post images of your item for sale, please show real photos corresponding to item for sale, better photos get more attention, make sure they are bright and clear and show state of item, showing the condition of item is important so buyer and seller don’t waste time meeting up and getting disappointed with item for sale.

Bonus: We have a feature to embed your youtube ads, description or even reviews for the product. (remember the clearer you are in explaining the item for sale, the easier you make it for buyer to make a decision to purchase.




10. If your storefront is setup, choose a category to place your ad. If you want to add your twitter feed to update your buyers of your special promos, place your embed code here.

Bonus: if you tick off the Title Bolding and Featured listing, you get to push your ads and make them stand out more than the others. 🙂 




sulit-featured listing





11. When you are done, click on nextstep or preview to view your ad! Thats it! 🙂  The ads are posted on the front page of sulit or if you set the items to featured then they will be displayed on the featured tab on the Ad pages.




If you have any other questions, feel free to leave it in the comments section. We will be posting more howto stuff for sulit soon.

You are now ready to start selling on sulit!


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