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Capsule Wardrobe

Less is more. This saying is now truer than ever when it comes to our material consumption – from gadgets to home needs to food, and now, in fashion. Humans have evolved from purchasing the things they need to setting aside huge chunks of their monthly budget for the “wants” that mostly end up unused, buried deep in the land of forgotten expensive stuff back in their closets.

“In the past three decades, one-third of the planet’s natural resources have been consumed.” Story of Stuff Fact Sheet

At the rate we are consuming stuff, we’re more likely to need another 2 to 5 planets to live in. According to studies, apart from helping to alleviate the worsening condition of our Earth due to our consumption, living a simple life also improves one’s overall health and promotes more engaged relationships with the people who matter in our lives.

Capsule Wardrobe

One way to simplify our lives is by “trimming the fat” in our closets. A capsule wardrobe is one wherein you only have an X number of clothes that you mix and match, use and re-use for everyday. Some do 37 pieces, others go for 40, and others have even narrowed theirs down to 12.

In a tropical country like ours, it’s easier to build a capsule wardrobe because we only have these two seasons to adjust to (although tbqh aren’t we in a forever summer weather?). Capsule wardrobe guides vary from website to website but here are a few common ground rules they have:

  1. Pare down your closet to X number of clothes (37 or 40 or 12) which does not include: workout clothes, bags or purses, swimwear, pajamas, underwear, jewelry, and accessories.
  2. Use all these clothes for an entire season.
  3. Don’t shop AT ALL until the next season comes along and you need to update your closet based on the coming days’ weather.

Do you think you can try the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge? Here are some pins to help you out:

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Wardrobe 25
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