Buying Local: Why We Think It’s Awesome

Buying Local

More often than not, when we shop, we spend our time unconsciously picking out one item after another. We convince ourselves that these items we pile on our carts are indeed “Must Haves for the Season” or “I already have one at home but I need to replace it, really” or “It’s so me!” Have you ever stopped to think just how much the pile of stuff in your cart can add to the mess of unused and forgotten things at home?

What’s worse than having to deal with a ton of kalat when you get home is how much we are unaware of the global impact our purchases have made on our carbon footprint. It’s 2015 and we’re dealing with the scary realities of climate change and it’s up to us to do our small shares for the world. Let’s start with Buying Local.

What happens when you buy local?

You minimize environmental impact. By buying locally-made products, you help in conserving energy and resources because the items you’ve purchase require less fuel for transportation and packaging. Resources are already available here in the country so there’s no need to source ingredients and manpower internationally.

You help boost the economy. For every x amount of pesos you spend on a local product, the majority of it stays in the community. This way, you conserve tax money and save on enormous shipping fees.

You help create more jobs for fellow Pinoys. One of the best things that could ever come out of buying locally-made products is that your purchases are directly helping merchants to get more people in the community involved in the production.

You create more choices. Entrepreneurs fill a need when they see one. They pick their items based on what sells. By supporting your local brands, they are able to provide more product choices because they buy specifically for their individual markets.

You help promote your community. Every purchase you make is an indirect advertisement of the community. Whenever you use their product or talk about it online or share it to your friends, you’re not just promoting a business, you’re endorsing the community where the product was made.

Help in building profitable local businesses and do your own share in reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. We all want to live longer, healthier lives, no? Happy Sulit shopping!

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