5 Tips for Shopping Online

Tips for Shopping Online

The increase in online marketplaces has made it even more difficult to find the best deals that are sulit for the Pinoy shopper. While nothing beats the convenience of online shopping – no bumping into people at the store, no walking around to haggle at the store selections, no parking lot nightmares – there are sizable risks involved as well. No matter how much of a seasoned shopper you are, it still pays to be extra attentive to the little things that one might overlook in case of when you open emails with the subject line: SALE NOW! 75% OFF! UNBEATABLE DEALS! BUY TODAY!

So we’ve summed up some oft forgotten yet truly practical online shopping tips for you. Read on to learn more –

Plan ahead
If you’re looking into buying various items from different online shops, you need to be organized. Make sure to browse each seller’s collection of items, compare prices, shipping options, freebies, etc. Read reviews from their buyers, check out the same products in other seller’s sites before clicking the Buy Now button. Ask the sellers directly, especially if you’re buying from an online marketplace like Sulit.ph, where you can find every information on the seller and their item up on site.

Shop only at trusted merchant sites
So you won’t get overwhelmed, limit your shopping to merchant websites you trust. Before you complete any purchase, verify the seller’s contact number and their physical address (if they’re a registered business). Don’t hesitate to contact your online marketplace if you feel suspicious about the seller and their products. At Sulit.ph, simply shoot us a quick message so we can check the identity of the seller for you.

Protect your gadgets and other shopping devices
Do not use public computers when buying anything online which requires you using your credit card. Your personal computer or mobile phone must have a secure firewall and updated anti-spyware or anti-virus software.

Consider shipping rates and meet ups
Always check out if you can have the item you’re eyeing be shipped with no charge at all. Or, if the buyer is near your area, you can always ask if s/he does meet ups so you both can avoid the cost and hassle of having an item delivered. Most times, shoppers overlook how much shipping costs and instead of paying a low price for a product, they end up paying even more because deliveries cost an arm and a leg – not sulit at all! If there are no other methods to get your item except through delivery, make sure to use a delivery service that you trust. Also, ask your friends if they’re looking into purchasing the same item so you can bulk order your products and share the shipping fees.

Document your transactions
Save text messages or confirmation emails and if necessary, print all completed purchase orders. It’s fairly easy to lose track of how much you have already spent while shopping so it’s a must to file everything in order. Apart from you knowing exactly when a product is supposed to be delivered, it will also save you the hassle of having to remember where exactly you spent all your hard-earned money on.

At Sulit.PH, we understand our customer’s need for safety and security. As such, we try to provide you as much information about our sellers as well as their products so you won’t have any worries about shopping at all. Plus, our customer service team is always ready to answer any of your questions so feel free to send us a message below! Happy safe shopping!

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