5 Sulit Home Improvement Ideas to Up Your Home’s Value

Home Improvement

Looking to sell your home? Want to spruce it up without having to burn a huge hole in your pocket? Find here the most sulit home improvement hacks:

1. Build extra storage. Sometimes, you really just got to take care of the clutter. Add cabinets, shelves, or closets in your garage, in the hallways or in the kitchen. Apart from added appeal to your potential buyers, the added storage space helps in keeping your home looking more neat and organized.

2. Replace or repaint your front door. While a front porch or a wide garden area provides a big welcome mat to your future buyers, a cost-effective home improvement technique you can do is by simply repainting or replacing your front door. Just imagine all the #OOTD photos guests and potential buyers can take!

3. Update your kitchen appliances. When you put your home up for sale, will you include the kitchen appliances? Whether you’re keeping these for yourself or adding it to your home for sale, updated kitchen appliances make any kitchen space look brighter and better. Be on the lookout for any home appliance bazaars or sales in our Weekend Roundup!

4. Restore your shiny floor. Remove that dusty old carpet and vaccuum, scrub, or wax your entire home’s floors clean. There’s nothing like a dingy floor to turn off a client and give your sale price a big hit.

5. Upgrade your faucets. Get spunky shiny new faucets for your home and easily upgrade your home’s entire look and feel. From the kitchen sink to the master bathroom to the bath tubs and more, a shiny new addition goes a long way in adding more to your home’s sale price.

It doesn’t take much to upgrade the look and feel of your home. With a few simple adjustments, and when you know where to buy *cough* http://www.sulit.ph *cough*, you can turn your home into a prime piece of real estate heaven.


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