10 Motivational Pet GIFs to Get You Through This Week

via Blendspace.com
via Blendspace.com

The start of the week is always hard. Who has enough energy to get through Monday unscathed? Well these pet GIFs will show you what you can do to help ease the pain of waiting another 5 days for the glorious weekend.

Teamwork works

Teamwork works

Give someone a high five


Give someone a high five.

Get to work

Get to work.

Dont skip breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast.

Stop and smell the flowers

Stop and smell the flowers.

Resist distractions

Resist distractions.

Believe you can do it

Believe you can do it.

One step at a time

Just one step at a time.

Hit the gymHit the gym.

If all these fails, well at least you got the cute pet GIFs to brighten your day! Happy Monday work day!

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