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Definition of Sulit: We surveyed more than 100 people about the definition of sulit and a majority of them answered that it meant "worth it" or "good buy" the others answered that sulit means affordable, cheap, value for money, sakto lang, tipid and to a few others it means savings.
How big is the sulit market?
sulit market
The market for buy and sell items is growing with the population. people dont keep much junk anymore.. they sell it and earn.
To date we have more than 2,100++ stores listed and still growing.
Where do the visitors come from?

sulit visitors
Sulit visitors are from all over.. that is why we are finding the optimal solution to getting online and selling faster.
Mobile devices used to Access

mobile devices
The mobile device is the quickest way for anyone to sell, ipoint, ishoot, ibenta!

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In what is arguably a landmark case in local cyberspace history, a world body has rejected a complaint by against another website which carries the domain name, saying the term "sulit" is generic in nature and cannot be registered as a trademark.

Sulit is a Filipino term that means "value for your money," "worth it" or "a good buy."

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We are social! share the love! Invite your friends to start their online business!